1-1 VWA6410RCD360pro2 Power Adapter Instruction (The stereo/accessories is not fit)

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Volkswagen cars have three different power interfaces,

namely PQ quadlock, ISO plug and MQB quadlock.

See the diagram below:

We have two types of power adapters, A and B, as shown in the diagram below. We default to providing adapter A.

If you need adapter B, please contact our after sale service.

①If your car is PQ Quadlock, you need the A adapter. It is in the package you received.

②If your car is ISO Plug, you need the B adapter.Please contact us .

③If your car is MQB Quadlock, you don’t need adapter. You can just connect the radio with the original power adapter in your car.


For the car POLO 6C with MQB Quadlock, this radio doesn’t fit for your car. We have another radio special for POLO 6C. You can contact us. Here is the link: 



When you contact us , please tell us your order number and model /model year of your car .

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