1-3 RCD360pro2 Rear View Camera function (Backcamera not work)-VWA6410

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The RCD360pro2 radio has 2 versions, “Backup camera activated” and “Backup camera deactivated”.

▶If your car has installed the backup camera already, please choose the version “Backup camera activated”.

▶If there is no backup camera on your car, please choose the version “Backup camera deactivated”.

If you make an incorrect purchase, You could ask a change or please encode the camera setting. You need to use VCDS to turn on/off the rear camera function.

Enter 56-Radio, choose 3 bite. change "40" to "00".

After that please long press the "Power" buttons more than 20 seconds to restart the radio.

Here is a guide video show how to program: 


Here are some pictures about how to program the code.

If your car is not built-in camera, we recommend purchasing our company's camera to ensure normal use of the product.

 [Camera6] https://www.scumaxcon.com/products/av-input-rcd330-ruckfahrkamera-einparkhilfe-lizenzinhaber-autokamera-schwarz?_pos=1&_sid=d3ca2aedb&_ss=r

[Camera connecting guide] https://www.scumaxcon.com/blogs/rcd360pro2-after-sale-summary/installation-instructions-for-standard-universal-camera-camera6-rcd362pro2

[THCM01]  https://www.scumaxcon.com/products/rcd330-oem-av-car-rear-view-camera-track-trunk-handle-for-vw-golf-polo-passat-cc?_pos=2&_sid=76cd6363f&_ss=r

[THCM01 connecting guide] https://www.scumaxcon.com/blogs/rcd360pro2-after-sale-summary/thcm01-track-camera-user-manual-connect-with-rcd360pro2


If your car is installed with an after-market camera, please follow the instructions to connect the AV cable and the reverse detection cable. In most cases, it can be used normally. If there is a flash and then black screen issue on some models, please contact us for a free delay timer.If it still not work , please send us some pictures or a sell link of the camera you connect and show me your cable connecting of the rear camera  , it would be better that could choose  the camera from our store ..


If your original radio is equipped with an RGB interface (If your original stereo is RCD510/RNS315/RNS510), 

[Original  RGB camera] :https://www.scumaxcon.com/blogs/rcd360pro2-after-sale-summary/1-4-installation-guide-for-original-rgb-rear-camera-for-rcd360pro2

---If you still want to keep your original  back camera , and you also still want to upgrade our RCD360pro2 stereo , we suggest you choose the RGB to AV converters adapter .[The adapter could solve 90% car's compatibility issue]

[YX2216] https://www.scumaxcon.com/products/scumaxcon-car-mib-plug-decoder-simulator-iso-quadlock-adapter-cable-with-canbus-for-noname-rcd360-rcd360-pro-yx2217

----If your  want to replace the entire camera with our brand. Here are some choice .

1) [THCM01] https://www.scumaxcon.com/products/rcd330-oem-av-car-rear-view-camera-track-trunk-handle-for-vw-golf-polo-passat-cc?_pos=2&_sid=c1ed15d13&_ss=r

[THCM01 user manual ] https://www.scumaxcon.com/blogs/rcd360pro2-after-sale-summary/thcm01-track-camera-user-manual-connect-with-rcd360pro2


2)[Camera6] https://www.scumaxcon.com/products/av-input-rcd330-ruckfahrkamera-einparkhilfe-lizenzinhaber-autokamera-schwarz?_pos=1&_sid=bf2523f03&_ss=r

[Camera6 user manual] https://www.scumaxcon.com/blogs/rcd360pro2-after-sale-summary/thcm01-track-camera-user-manual-connect-with-rcd360pro2


If your car is equipped with a Volkswagen original MIB camera with the blue interface, simply plug the blue connector directly into the corresponding position of the quadlock adapter.

[Original MIB camera] https://www.scumaxcon.com/blogs/rcd360pro2-after-sale-summary/installation-guide-for-original-mib-interface-camera-rcd360pro2


After installing the camera, please test it by closing the trunk to avoid the camera not working due to the reverse lights not functioning. If you still encounter installation issues, please refer to the instructions and contact our customer service. 99% of the problems can be resolved.

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