SCUMAXCON M6Pro 10.1'' SCREEN 4G+64G Plus UIS7862S for Audi Q5 8R 2008 - 2017 All In One Android Car Radio Multimedia Video Player Stereo GPS Navigation

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Product specifications:
M6Pro 9inch 10inch 1280*720 QLED screen
M6Pro Plus 9.5inch 10.36inch 2000*1200 QLED screen
CPU:UIS7862S 2.0GHz 8-core (2 cores ARM cortex A75+6 coresARM cortex A55)
Operating system: Android 12
Support 4G LTE 5GHzWiFi
Bluetooth upgrade: BT5.1 (Qualcomm 3031 chip)
Power amplifier: TDA7850/7851
Radio IC: TDA7708
Support DSP RDS, add DTS4.1/5.1
Equalizer features: low-pass filter, tone compensation, balanced mode, surround sound mode, and extended quality eliminator setting (36 bands)
Interaction: Wireless carplay/ Android auto is supported.
All models come standard with voice control.
Support ADAS DVR front camera, AHD rear camera and 360 panoramic view (optional)
Upgraded fan, built-in powerful cooling fan
Improved Fakra GPS Antenna Fakra 4GAntenna adds HDMI input interface(optional).






If you need built-in HDMI, you need to purchase this website separately. Then we will add this function before production.


QLED Screen has more prominent picture restoration ability and picture texture, providing high-quality visual experience.
M6 Pro: QLED Screen  1280*720
M6 Pro Plus: 2k QLED Screen  2000*1200


After the screen is fully laminated, it can still provide excellent display effect in the case of strong light or direct sunlight. Its high light transmittance can reduce the reflection of light on the display screen and improve the display effect of the screen by 40%.


The newly upgraded UIS7862S CPU, CPU frequency upgraded from 1.8GHZ to 2.0GHZ, size reduced from 14NM to 12NM, productivity increased by 3 times, but the temperature reduced by 20 degrees.

The new generation of Qualcomm Bt 5.1 technology, compared with Bt 5.0 lower power consumption, faster transmission speed. No delay in calls, strong anti-interference and more stable signal.

Compared to the 32-segment tuning, 36-segment can giveyou the effect you want more delicate and more accurate! Create a real sense of "stage" in the car!

DTS uses 4.1 and 5. 1 channel surround systems, which have a more perfect sound than Dolby: the sound is more dynamic,smoother and gives you a feeling of being wrapped in sound.

By controlling the timing of the sound played by the car speakers, the sound is realized to enter the ears at the same time, forming a sense of surround, making people feel like they are in a concert hall. This is a higher level of auditory enjoyment.

Intelligent voice voice control without hands operation, safer driving! More sensitive voice recognition, more extensive recognition.

The cooling fan can deal with and solve the abnormal operation caused by high temperature in summer and long-term use of the machine , such as restart , abnormal touch , abnormal function , etc.


Connected to 4G, you can watch live streams, listen to music online, play games, watch movies, and enjoy a true 4G rush experience at any time.

car dvd player comes with carplay function no need to purchase additional accessories.

supports automatic search and manual search , You can drag the icon of target station and replace it into channel list.
Power amplifier : TDA7850
Radio : TDA7708

Support ADAS DVR

Anti-collision warning driving recorder


3D/2D 360° panorama mode makes it easier to drive with your blind spot assistance.Visualization more convenient and safe parking and reversing.
Attention : lf you want add the360 camera must order togetherwith the car radio because weneed built in the 360 cameraChip to the radio motherboard.

support split screen

Built-in global positioning system , omni-directionalmap display , synchronous display real-time traffic,conditions ,rapid and accurate positioning


support multiple languages


Multi UI selection is supported.

Support OBD2 and TPMS  DSB+ function selection.