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Hello, car enthusiasts! Today, we're thrilled to introduce the Volkswagen MIB 682, the latest 6th generation software system designed to enhance your driving experience. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore its features, functionalities, and how it can transform your vehicle.

Key Features of the Volkswagen MIB 682 / MIB 200

Power and Standby Modes

The power button on the MIB 682 brings up the standby interface with four modes. The previous date display has been replaced with a sleek clock-only interface for a cleaner look. The volume control knob allows for easy adjustments: turn it up to increase the volume, down to decrease, and press it to restart the main unit.

User Interface and Controls

  • Option Selector: Use the knob to select options and confirm your selection with a short press.
  • Radio: The radio button supports both FM and AM bands, displaying station information clearly.
  • Multimedia Support: Access CD, SD card, USB, and Bluetooth music with the multimedia button. Enjoy excellent sound quality from CDs, and lossless audio support from USB and SD cards.
  • Bluetooth Phone: Manage Bluetooth phone functionality seamlessly. When CarPlay is connected, it switches to CarPlay and disables Bluetooth.
  • Sound Settings: Easily adjust audio settings with the dedicated sound settings button.

New Software Features

Vehicle Menu

The latest software update includes a new vehicle menu, a feature previously unavailable. This menu allows you to access various vehicle settings, such as water temperature and driving data, for vehicles from 2013 onwards. The Sync Pro tutorial offers driving tips and displays vehicle status, supporting all models based on the MQB platform, including customized options for Beetle and Scirocco models. Additionally, you can customize a greeting message and adjust various vehicle settings, though some features may not be available for all vehicles.

Enhanced Functionality

  • Ops Radar Setup: If your original car has Ops radar, it can be configured here. High-end models with ACC or lane-keeping features have additional settings.
  • Full Compatibility: The system is fully compatible with the original car’s protocols, including steering controls, radar, and reversing camera. The button backlights match the original car, with green customization for Škoda owners.
  • OPS and Reversing Camera: The radar interface appears on the screen when the radar starts working. The reversing camera and radar display simultaneously, requiring your car to have an OPS radar system.

CarPlay and Connectivity

The MIB 682 features a convenient CarPlay shortcut button. After the upgrade, Gollod Map can now utilize the WeChat phone feature, syncing your recent contacts and allowing you to call them like on a regular phone. The system operates smoothly, displaying music apps like QQ Music and Kugou Music, and map apps like Goud Map, Baidu Map, and Tencent Map. It can also display your phone’s calls and messages, ensuring everything is accessible.

Wired and Wireless CarPlay

Our CarPlay system uses a wired connection. For those who prefer wireless, a wireless CarPlay adapter is available for about 60 USD, which plugs into the USB port.

User Experience and Design

The functions of the MIB 682 are simple yet very comfortable to use. The sound quality is excellent, and the design matches the interior of the car perfectly.

For more detailed information and to purchase this fantastic upgrade for your Volkswagen, visit scumaxcon.com and autoupgrade.com.

Upgrade your driving experience with the Volkswagen MIB 682 and enjoy seamless connectivity, superior sound quality, and intuitive controls. Don't miss out on this innovative in-car entertainment system! Thank you for reading, and happy driving!


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