The automatic headlamp

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The automatic headlamp, which can be called the "automatic light-sensing headlamp," relies on a key component, the ambient light sensing sensor, to determine whether the light is needed. The sensor can automatically sense the "brightness" of the outside environment. When the brightness of the outside environment falls below a certain value, it will automatically turn on the headlights. When the outside brightness is above a certain value, the headlights will automatically go out.

What are the advantages of automatic headlights?

The advantage of automatic headlight that little elder sister understands is, can control the light automatically open and close, for example you enter tunnel suddenly in the daytime, do not remember to open the light when, automatic headlight can humanize many, or early morning evening, when the light is bad, headlight oneself opens the road before lighting, can safety many.

The way to install automatic headlight switch and sensor is also very simple. You can choose the type of headlight switch you need in our store according to your car model.…/polonew-version-auto-headl…

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