1-2 VWA6410 Solution to Battery Leakage Issue after Installing RCD360 PRO2

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         Solution to Battery Leakage Issue after Installing RCD360 PRO2

How to judge the  battery Leakage Issue

1)The radio does not shut down when the key is removed,  or when the key iis removed , the screen shut down, but when you press the power button , the screen is on again  .

it is because the CAN signal does not  recognize the decoder signal and the signal between the CAN signal and the decoder does not match.

[video guide] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5c08KoF1ho

The original power interface is PQ Quadlock:

The VW cars have three different power interfaces, namely PQ quadlock, ISO plug and MQB quadlock. See the diagram below:


  1. Check whether the original car stereo head unit connector is the original one. If it has been modified with other connectors, it needs to be restored to the original car stereo head unit power interface. The modified power interface may not match the pins of the power cable connector we provide, which can cause electrical leakage.


  1. If there is no multi-functional steering wheel in your car, you need to confirm the following three points:
  • The headlight switch can control the backlight of the stereo's buttons. When the headlight switch is in the "On" position, the radio's background light will be illuminated in red, and when the headlight switch is turned off, the background light will turn off as well.
  • The CarPlay connection is working properly.
  • The Bluetooth connection is working properly.

If all three conditions are normal, it indicates that there is no issue with the radio, and the problem might be due to the ACC connection. You will need to purchase adapter TP6410-A1.

[TP6410-A1] Quadlock:  https://www.scumaxcon.com/products/scumaxcon-tp6410-a1?_pos=1&_sid=2848e7645&_ss=r

[Guide video]  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcaMxyYOwuw&list=PLVzEQJIHPR7sVH_67t_vSD3AAStv1FliQ&index=1

However, if any of the above conditions are not normal, it might be due to an issue with the CAN line. Please check the CAN line, as the CAN pin might be pushed out or the CAN line pin might be incompatible. In this case, you will need to contact customer service for assistance in resolving the issue.


  1. If your car was manufactured before the year of 2010 and has an 8-button multifunctional steering wheel, please purchase the YX2219 wire.



If YX2219 can not solve the problem of batter leakage problem, please buy adapter YX2219-S, connect it to the fuse box on the left side of the steering wheel. Please make sure to connect it to the ACC (Accessory) power source instead of the constant power source; otherwise, the leakage problem may still exist. (if you need specific wiring instructions, please contact our customer service team. )

[YX2219] https://www.scumaxcon.com/products/rcd330-510-multifunctional-wheel-control-simulator-adapter-cable-for-vw-golf-caddy-passat-caddy-polo?_pos=1&_sid=77912e839&_ss=r

[YX2219-S] https://www.scumaxcon.com/products/scumaxcon-yx2217?_pos=2&_sid=43fb5dcb3&_ss=r



  1. If your car was manufactured after 2010 and has a multifunctional steering wheel with other buttons, there are two possible scenarios:

           [Guide video] https://www.youtube.com/watch?     v=xcaMxyYOwuw&list=PLVzEQJIHPR7sVH_67t_vSD3AAStv1FliQ&index=1

  • If the multifunctional steering wheel doesn’t work, radio button background light doesn’t work, or Bluetooth not working, you should check whether the radio button background light is controlled by the headlight switch or not. If it is not controlled by the headlight switch, the reason may be that the CAN line is not connected. You should check if the CAN line pin is out or if the CAN line pin is incorrect. If you are still experiencing problems, please don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance.


The original power interface is IOS Plug

1.If your car power interface is IOS interface, please use TP6410-B to connect and obtain ACC power. For specific connection methods, please contact our customer service team. We will provide you with detailed help and guidance. TP6410-B:  ASIN: B0BYDDJ6M3(EU)     B0BY8JMJ26 (US)

[TP6410-B] https://www.scumaxcon.com/products/scumaxcon-tp6410-b?_pos=1&_sid=85f4b513e&_ss=r

2.Ifyour car is ISO Plug, and you experience the following problems after installing theRadio.

The unit turns off every 30 minutes;

Buttons don't light up;

The unit cannot be turned off even after removing the key;

There is no reverse image.

Please purchase a conversion cable to ensure the normal operation of your car. 

Please buy another adapter(YX2217): EU ASIN: B0BY8ZHY7D

[YX2217] https://www.scumaxcon.com/products/scumaxcon-yx2217?_pos=1&_sid=53b8b1238&_ss=r


The original power interface is MQB quadlock

Generally, there should not be any issues with electrical leakage. However, if you do experience any issues with electrical leakage, please contact our after-sales customer service. We will provide a solution to any problem you may encounter.

If your vehicle is a Polo 6C model, please note that this particular device is not compatible and you will need to replace it with the radio VWA6437 .

 [VWA6437] https://www.scumaxcon.com/products/6-5-quot-car-stereo-rcd330-frame-carplay-mirrorlink-bt-usb-rvc-for-mqb-volkswagen-polo-6c-1?_pos=1&_sid=e064e651d&_ss=r


If you could not make sure  , please contact scumaxcon service directly . then tell us these information.

  1. What is your order number ? amazon/ebay/shopify order  number  
  2. What is the car model and model year of your car ?whether your car has a steer wheel control ? 4 buttons , 8 buttons or 12 buttons?  please show us a picture of that.
  1. When you use the headlight knob to turn on or turn off the lights, is the button backlight on the stereo turned on or off synchronously?--Important step
  1. Have you connected the rear camera ? maybe the rear camera will also caused battery leakage if the connecting way is not right .
  1. Please show us some pictures of your original radio ?  better could also show the label  on the top of the radio .

Please trust us, we are as anxious as you to solve your problem.

---For more video guide , you could refer to this channel 

[RCD360pro2 After-Sales Instructional Video Compilation]  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVzEQJIHPR7sVH_67t_vSD3AAStv1FliQ

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