Speakers no sound /Dynaudio, Fender-RCD360pro2 [VWA6410]

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If the speaker is no sound after installed the new radio, there are two possible reasons:

1)If the left or right speaker is not working, it is very likely that the speaker wire is not making good contact.You first check whether the pins of the speaker on the power adapter are in good contact. The power plug may loosen or deform the speaker pins during wiring, causing poor contact. As shown in the right figure, please check whether it is loose.

After connecting the power cord, if the speaker pin is loose, you can plug it in directly to make the speaker pin tighter.

2)If both front or both rear speakers are not working, it is very likely a reset issue with the amplifier.

This situation has nothing to do with our machine.

---Check if the volume balance is properly adjusted. The adjustment method is shown in the following diagram.

[sound setting video] https://youtu.be/krMzveaPYS8



If the issue persists, it is possible that you are using a car audio system with a power amplifier, such as Dynaudio, Fender or other sound systems.

In this case, you need to disconnect the car battery and wait for 5 minutes before reconnecting it. This will reset the car amplifier and allow it to properly match with the audio system.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, please contact customer support for further assistance.

If you need more video guide , you could turn this link :

[Youtube video guide] https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVzEQJIHPR7sVH_67t_vSD3AAStv1FliQ


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