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[Guide video] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wu_RwyyR1k4&list=PLVzEQJIHPR7s6HLdUh8JCgFqxhVMWTUqK

Due to the variety of vehicle models and designs of the CAN bus, please refer to the table below to properly connect the Anti-leakage Plug, decoder box, and decoder power plug in order to ensure proper communication on the CAN bus


1.After connecting the wires, please do not rush to reinstall. First, start the vehicle, set the CANBUS decoder box to the correct vehicle model, and then perform the test. The CANBUS decoder box can be set as follows:


2.If the functions are normal, the power on/off is normal, and twisting the car headlight switch can turn on

and off the radio's backlight, then you can install other accessories for normal use.

Attention :

CAN signals play an important role in the car stereo head unit:

  1. Communication network: CAN signals serve as the communication protocol for the vehicle's electronic systems, allowing the stereo head unit to exchange data with other control units.

  2. Control functionality: Through CAN signals, the stereo head unit can interact with other vehicle systems, controlling settings, receiving input from steering wheel buttons, and more.

  3. Real-time feedback: CAN signals transmit vehicle status and information back to the stereo head unit, enabling it to make adjustments based on real-time vehicle conditions.

  4. Compatibility: As a standardized protocol, most modern vehicles utilize CAN bus systems, providing better compatibility for the stereo head unit.

In summary, CAN signals enable effective communication and control between the stereo head unit and other vehicle systems, ensuring coordinated functionality and real-time feedback.


If you want to find more guide video for the version you paid , you could check this link :

[DZT video] https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVzEQJIHPR7s6HLdUh8JCgFqxhVMWTUqK


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