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Thank you for choosing the Scumaxcon brand! We are an experienced team with 10 years of expertise in the field of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts development and upgrade, as well as Android system car modification product enhancement.

Scumaxcon offers comprehensive automotive customization services, catering to your pursuit of higher performance driving experience or the desire for the latest technology in smart vehicles. By choosing Scumaxcon, you can expect professional, reliable, and innovative modification services that will make your beloved car stand out from the crowd.


-If you wish to upgrade to the original VW OEM solution, we offer several options to ensure that your vehicle upgrade maintains high quality and perfect compatibility.

1) RCD360 PRO II/RCD360PRO III: We provide the RCD360 PRO II/PRO III, a new car head unit developed based on the original VW RCD360. It features a design that perfectly matches the original style, seamlessly integrating into the interior of your vehicle while offering faster response times and enhanced functionality. 



Below is the product comparison chart for the RCD360 series:

If you wish to upgrade this product, please pay attention to the following compatible vehicle models.

         Shopping Tips

  1. Please check the radio size and the power plug of your car .
  2. if you want to learn more battery leakage problem  , please read our blogger

If your  original stereo is RNS510 and you want to have the same sound quality experience, you can upgrade to the 682 series host.

[5C0 035 682 E/D/F/G ]


If your car  is  a Volkswagen PASSAT B8 or Golf 7, you can choose our 869  series host.



If you have an MQB POLO 6C, please choose our RCD360 stereo designed specifically for Polo 6C.



 If you need more Volkswagen original accessories, such as original multifunctional steering wheels, reverse cameras, driving recorders, tire pressure monitors, and more, please check the relevant links on our homepage. We strongly recommend that you register as our member and provide us with your vehicle model and year of manufacture. We will regularly send you related new products and videos on modification techniques.



-If you are considering upgrading to an Android system, we have independently developed the DZT series of related products. Our host can support more than 3000 types of car modification schemes, and we can provide corresponding products no matter what type of car you have.

The advantage of our Android series products is that they have strong application development capabilities. You can download thousands of apps from the play store, such as Netflix for video streaming, games, karaoke, and other applications. We also provide related accessories. In addition to entertainment systems, we also offer many modification schemes for car accessories, such as reverse cameras, driving recorders, tire pressure monitors, OBD diagnosis, and more.

[DZT] :




If you don't know how to choose a suitable model ,  please contact us directly , tell us the model and model year of your car , send us a picture of your original radio and tell  us your prefer style . we are willing to give you some advise :) 

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