THCM01- Track camera user manual-connect with RCD360pro2

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Track camera user manual



After installing the camera, please test it by closing the trunk to avoid the camera not working due to the reverse lights not functioning. If you still encounter installation issues, please refer to the instructions and contact our customer service. 99% of the problems can be resolved.


If you choose the track camera from our store , please read the manual  first , and folow the stpes to connect that : 



Open the hood and close the trunk before installation!!

Test the camera first, and wire it when the image appears normally.



Install step:

  1. Remove the head unitepull out the quadlock plug:

    (Don’t connect the 4pin BMW plugs)

  1. CANBUS connection:

         [Guide video]

Insert the blue MIB video plug () according to the follow picture, find the original car's CAN plug ()

and pull it out, insert itinto the camera's CANBUS adapter (), and then insert the other end of the

adapter () into the original car's cable interface, equivalent to transfer CANBUS signal.


Attention : We met some cutomer's wrong connection , please do not connect like this way.

Wrong connection  !!!!


  1. Power connection: !!Power off the car!!

connect the red power plug to the ACC insurance, and the negative pole(GND-) takes the iron.

Power on the car → head unit works normally → connect the red BMW plugs of the handle camera.


The head unit will automatically restart within 20 seconds under normal conditions.

After the unit is restarted and stabilized, the image will be displayed when you put it into reverse gear and the connection is successful.



(1) If the unite does not restart after 20 seconds, please reconnect the red 4pins BMW plugs;

(2) If the unit still does not restart, please unplug quadlock plug at the back of the unit and plug it in


(3) When the reversing function is being activated, do not plug other devices such as 5054 and rear view

openers into the OBD;

All the connection of plugs must be firmly, such as the ACC and GND negative.

  1. Wired the camera extension line.

Remove the decorative plate of the trunk door, remove the wire protection groove to put the wire quotes

into the cab, remove the original driver's buckle to install the Trunk Handle Camera.


  1. Common trouble shooting ways:

Open the hood and close the trunk before installation!!

Test the camera first, and wire it when the image appears normally.





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